As a management consulting and professional services firm, we work with federal government and commercial clients to address some of today’s biggest health issues. Peers is focused on fostering idealistic experiences with our clients through shared exchanges in providing strategic communications, business process optimization/reengineering, learning, improvement and diffusion, research and health sciences, portfolio management, and supportive technology. We are more than Peers, We’re Partners ready to help!

Derrick Demmons CEO

Derrick Demmons (CEO)

As CEO of Peers and Partners, Inc. (Peers), Derrick Demmons brings more than 14 years of experience working with and supporting governmental agencies, multinational corporations, non-profit organizations and academic institutions. Trained as an Epidemiologist, he’s well-known for providing management consulting, technical assistance, health communications, and project management expertise to support the spectrum of communicable and non-communicable diseases, infectious and non-infectious diseases and global health emergency responses.

Who We Are

Peers is a driver of positive and sustainable change for improving health and wellbeing in populations, communities and individuals. We do this by leveraging our deep experience and developed expertise in public health, healthcare, program management, and technology to assist our clients develop and deliver solutions that result in safer and higher-quality lives of global citizens.

Our Mission

To create and foster shared perspectives and experiences to better deliver services through a spirit of partnership and trust.

Our Team – Passionate and Committed

Peers staff, consultants and subject matter experts are passionate people. They love the world of research and the way it can positively improve lives. Well versed in supporting public health mission driven operations, our Team has the hands-on experience managing and performing numerous government and commercial contracts giving Peers the knowledge to effectively recruit, hire and retain the best fit personnel for our client’s missions.

Strategic Communications

Peers strategic communications model is designed to assist our clients develop effective, integrated and coordinated communications across a broad range of health-related issues with the goal of building a better, healthier future for people all over the world.

Health Communications

Digital Communications

Social Media Strategies

Marketing & Outreach

Business Process Optimization & Reengineering

Peers Six Sigma driven business process optimization are designed to obtain client leadership buy-in and position our clients for increased productivity, more effective response to mandated directives and initiatives, reduced cycle times for innovation, and improving services to the populations, communications and individuals it serves.

Customer Experience

Process & Workflow Automation

Systems Optimization

Current & Future State Assessment

Business Process Redesign

Organization Design

Learning, Improvement & Diffusion

Peers uses advanced technologies and methodologies to develop collaborative learning tools that focus on promoting evidence-based practices for the purpose of improving health outcomes. We design, develop and provide supportive learning and diffusion services in a variety of formats to include:

Peer Lead Training

Virtual Training

Instructional Design


Capacity Building
and Outreach

Evaluation Research

Laboratory Support Service

Data Science

Epidemiology and Surveillance

Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Scientific, Technical, and Publications Services

Research and Health Sciences

At Peers, we know how to translate science into practice. Our research staff and consultants are skilled briefers and communicators who use plain language to describe the research and deliver concrete messages and findings.

Portfolio Management

Peers Program Management Methodology (PMM) features our proven, lifecycle approach to managing programs and their resulting projects. We provide a direct connection between the Peers project team and our clients facilitating our ability to consistently and flexibly meet evolving and changing needs.

Program and Project Management

Strategic Planning

Data Visualization

Management Consulting

Advisory Support

Supportive Technology


Peers supportive technology mission is to provide an integrated delivery system solution for our clients information systems. Our knowledge level expands workflow analysis, IT governance, business intelligence solutions and multiple information technologies facilitating the seamless integration of system functionality and data accessibility.

Application Development

Share Point Development

508 Compliance

Document and Content Management


Website & Content Development

What We’re Doing

CDC, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)

Peers is providing data management support by working with states, communities, and prescribers to prevent opioid misuse and overdose through a series of specific programming activities.

CDC, Center for Global Health (CGH)

Peers is developing a comprehensive communications strategy and virtual LMS platform to transition mission critical trainings, mentorship, and capacity building to virtual environments for CGH’s global workforce.

CDC, Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Peers is providing digital communication services, including social media analytics for the Joint Information Center’s coronavirus task force teams.

CDC, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP)

Peers is providing cancer tumor registrar support to effectively build upon existing registry infrastructure to support rapid case ascertainment for pediatric cancer data collection.


CDC Foundation (CDCF)

Peers is providing evaluation services to the 2017 hurricane jurisdictional recipients in order to construct a meta-roadmap and develop an evaluation report that yields the recipients impact by measuring intended outcomes for utilizing crisis Cooperative Agreement (CoAg) funding in Puerto Rico and USVI.


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